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We at BEQ IMAGING SOLUTIONS PVT LTD, an Indian company with 100 % shareholding held by Indians, have created an innovative and unique way of protecting and safeguarding critical assets, human life and sensitive areas. This system is created by designing our own ruggedized cameras, embedding them with Deep Learning models and integrating them with drones, jammers and in near future enabling satellite monitoring.

With a unique combination of deep domain experience of computer vision, business & technical skills and expertise of founders, we offer peace of mind to our customers.

Our intelligent Cognitive Response (iCoRE) System is capable of creating a virtual wall around the area under protection. It will proactively push alerts under predefined situations. Our iCoRE system is rugged, automated and integrated with Cloud and Drones to provide human like performance.

Our Vision

We have redefined the security and surveillance of people and critical infrastructure by automating human like intelligent cognitive response in REAL time.

Our Mision

At BEQ, we have made it our mission to acquire and develop all the relevant knowledge and skills required to create an Intelligent Cognitive Response System with embedded intelligence.

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#18, 3rd Floor, Posspole Hudson,Hudson Circle, Bangalore - 560 001.

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